Before Operation

Make sure all bolts and nuts are tightened firmly and clear the rotation plate for any loose items, also clear the area from obstacles, people and animals. Make sure the emergency button is pressed before plugging the simulator in the outlet. 

Turning On the Simulator

Once you turn on the simulator it might not level completely until you start SimTools or the game you want to play. Only limited power is present if it does not get any instructions.

While the Simulator is On

Do not step on and off the simulator or try to adjust steering wheel, footrest etc. The simulator must always be turned off before doing those tasks. If you are using the simulator at home, be careful around kids and pets while in operation.

Operating the Simulator in A Public Space

The simulator is great for sharing and for showrooms or expos, however safety needs to be enforced and local laws needs to be followed.

Make sure so mark the safety zone clearly, preferable with a physical fence or similar. The simulator should always be off if not in use or someone is getting in our out or adjusting the gear. Only one person is allowed in the simulator at a time.

Driver Mechanical Adjustments

Steering Wheel: Can be adjusted in a few different ways for comfort.

  • Mounting plate can slide back and forth by loosening the bolts it is attached with.
  • By loosening the hand knobs behind the steering wheel, you can slide it back and forth and up and down at the same time.
  • By loosening the hand knobs on the lower frame, you can slide the steering wheel back and forth. (this will also slide the pedal mount back and forth however; the pedal mount can be adjusted separately.)

Pedal Mount: Can be adjusted for comfort in a few different ways.

  • By loosening the hand knobs at the lower frame, you can slide the pedal mount back and forth. (This will also move the steering wheel back and forth)
  • By loosening the bolts mounting the pedal mount you can slide it back and forth independent from the rest of the simulator.
  • By loosening the bolt where a slide is present in the pedal mount you can angle it to support different manufactures.

Seat Slider: The seat slider can be adjusted for better comfort and to center the weight.

  • The seat slider is adjusted by pulling the bar below the front of the seat.

Turning Off the Simulator

Once you are finished using the simulator you can simply turn it off by pressing the emergency button, this will turn off the whole system. When the system is off you might experience some of the motors going down after you have had it for some time, this is completely normal and due to the snake gears gets more polished. Not all motors might do it at the same time as weight might not be distributed evenly or one gear gets polished faster.

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