Safety – Read it!


The RC4 is a powerful motion platform and should be operated as such. Please make sure to clear the area before turning it on and keep children and animals at a safe distance while in use.

The machine is much stronger than you, therefore do not try to force it or do maintenance on it while turned on. When the machine is on, a Stay Clear rule should apply, this means no one enters its operating area and no stepping out.

Stay clear while power is on!

The emergency button located on either the left or right is also an on and off switch, while the machine is not in use or someone is getting in and out, turn off the simulator. When the simulator is on, treat it like it could move any time at any speed. If left on and in-game the simulator will be able to move if something happens and you will have a bad time.

While in use, depending on the settings used, the simulator can “crawl” on the floor. This can either be due to s slippery floor or aggressive settings. We recommend checking on the position regularly if VR is used to make sure that cables is not stretched. Please make sure the cables are long enough to prevent connectors being pulled out or damaged.

Please do not open or attempt to repair the simulator without consulting us beforehand. If the policy is violated warranty might be void and it can cause damage by electrical chock or broken/cut off limbs.

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