System Requirements

Electrical Requirements

The RC4 runs on a normal outlet and can be used in residential homes without modifications. We support 110 – 130 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz and 220 – 240 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz. Please look for the 120v sticker on the front panel of the simulator. If you are running 120v and do not see the sticker, please contact customer support.

Low voltage outlets must support 10 amperes RMS and high voltage outlets must support 5 amperes RMS. Spikes can happen for up to two seconds.

Power Cords

The supplied power cord uses a standard ICE plug going into the simulator and a compatible power plug. We will supply a compatible plug that fits in your region. It is advised to use our power cable, or similar WITH ground.

Mechanical Requirements

The operating weight of the simulator can vary from 100 – 200kg. Under operation the load can be twice as much with heavy vibrations. The rotation plate will protect the floor from most of the weight by distributing however, it is advised to but something between the floor and the rotation plate and it can leave marks on the floor. If you are in doubt, please contact a professional to determine if your floor can handle the weight.

PC and OS

Only Windows 10 is supported but other versions might work. We only supply you with the SimTools software, games and other programs is not included unless specified on the invoice.

If the PC is bought through us, we will provide you with a configured Windows 10 Home PC with the latest drivers. You will need to install, patch and possibly configure COM ports yourself. Guides are available.

As it is possible to use own hardware on the platform, we cannot assist with third party hardware or software. For hardware problems not related to the RacingCUBE, please contact the manufacturer.

If you have bought accessories through us, we will provide warranty and limited support for it.

User Limitations

A maximum of 150 kg is recommended for the platform, this includes the upper frame, accessories and driver. If this limit is exceeded, you might experience little to no movement or shutdown due to motors overheating.

We generally recommend drivers to meet the qualifications for family entertainment, Karting, e.g. No pregnant women, people with back problems, medical conditions that could cause injury with rapid movements or vibrations or riders smaller than X cm. please consult local authorities for use in public spaces.


Depending on the configuration you have, the simulator can be quite compact. Below is a drawing of the standard measurements when assembled.



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