Warranty Return

If you are returning the RacingCUBE during the warranty period to have it repaired, we kindly ask you to follow the guide below. You are responsible for packaging it in a safe way to ensure a safe journey.

Please note that we might charge you the additional cost if the below steps have not been followed and the shipping company is charging more than the base cost, due to incorrect packaging.

We always recommend keeping the packaging, just in case.


If you have to ship the main unit, please disassemble it to match the picture. You can choose if you want to include the upper frame or not. If we need it, or anything else we will tell you. Before packaging the main unit make sure it is in the lowest and level position (If possible) to take up as little space as possible.


The pallet must be stackable to prevent fees. If protected with cardboard and wrapping the simulator can withstand at least 400kg which is enough. You can reinforce the corners with wood or similar material if needed. Make sure the edges and sides are protected by wrapping it or by using the box it came in. The base unit must be fastened to the pallet to prevent it from sliding. - If you are in doubt, you can send us a picture and we can validate the packaging.

Nothing must stick out from the pallets footprint.


Packaging is done and you are now ready to ship it, great! Write an email to and let us know when you will be available to hand the shipment over to TNT/FedEx. We will need a 2-hour time frame and it being between 10 and 14 in a weekday. In larger cities the pickup can usually be done later or earlier, you can contact us if the time frame is an issue and we will investigate.

We will collect the shipment for you and return it again once repairs are done. We usually need 2 – 4 weeks, but some cases can take a bit longer. We will make an estimate once we receive it.



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